Kommuninvest publishes updated funding forecast

Kommuninvest has published an updated funding forecast for the 2019 calendar year, for funding longer than 1-year duration. The forecast is unchanged at SEK 100-120 billion (USD 11-13 billion), however with an expectation of an outcome in the higher part of the interval as a result of solid lending growth during the first quarter. To date, Kommuninvest has borrowed the equivalent of SEK 39 billion in long-term funding.

Long-term funding will continue to have a focus on benchmark funding in SEK and USD, including green funding, as well as Uridashi funding in the Japanese market. Continued good demand for Green Loans from Kommuninvest’s members means that Kommuninvest expects to increase green bonds issuance from one to two times a year to up to once a quarter.

Of the SEK 640 billion in Swedish municipal sector external loan debt, more than half is currently financed via Kommuninvest. Kommuninvest continues to grow as a result of a larger market share and the increased welfare investments by Swedish municipalities and county councils/regions.


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