Kommuninvest launches K2611, a new bond in its Swedish Benchmark Programme

Kommuninvest will shortly, market conditions permitting, issue a new bond under its Swedish Benchmark Programme. The bond, labelled K2611, will mature on 12 November 2026. Kommuninvest targets benchmark status for K2611, equivalent to SEK 3 billion outstanding on the first day of trading. Final terms are to be established shortly.

Kommuninvest finances more than 50 percent of the total external borrowings of Swedish local governments, with a substantial part of its own funding undertaken in its Swedish Benchmark Programme. The current outstanding volume in the Programme is SEK 193 billion in eight bonds.

– We continue to build the Swedish benchmark bond programme, a now well-established part of the Swedish fixed income market. The focus remains on transparency, predictability and, as far as possible, being able to meet investors’ needs, says Christian Ragnartz, Head of Debt management.

The Swedish Benchmark Programme is the joint capital markets funding programme for municipalities and regions. By focusing its funding to a few markets, Kommuninvest believes the right conditions are set for efficient financing of municipal and regional investments.

Kommuninvest’s current long-term funding forecast for 2019 is SEK 100-120 billion, with expectations of outcomes in the higher part of the range.


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