Municipality of Ekerö a new member of Kommuninvest

We have gained a new member. Ekerö Municipality has been elected as a member 290 of Kommuninvest Cooperative Society. Thus, a total of 290 municipalities and regions are members of Kommuninvest, corresponding to 96 percent of the municipalities. 278 municipalities and 12 regions are included in the collaboration.

Comment from Christina Hedberg, Municipal Director, Ekerö Municipality:

– Ekerö Municipality is in an expansion phase and faces a period of at least 5-10 years with major investments. The future investment volume, in housing and business premises, etc., cannot only be financed with internal funds. When we borrow external funds, we have a responsibility to the taxpayers to obtain the best possible loan terms.

– Our membership in Kommuninvest mainly reflects a desire to increase competition when raising loans. I have good experience of Kommuninvest from my time as municipal director in Gnesta, they offer competitive rates and are skilled in municipal finance. It is reassuring to be able to have Kommuninvest as a partner

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