Region Västra Götaland joins Kommuninvest as member no 292

Following the finalization of the last formalities, Kommuninvest now welcomes a new member: Region Västra Götaland. This means that Kommuninvest Cooperative Society now includes 292 members: 278 municipalities and 14 regions.

In the context of changes within the tramway system in Gothenburg, Region Västra Götaland faces a need for external borrowing. By becoming a member, new opportunities for competitive and efficient borrowing for that purpose are opened up.

“It is very positive that Region Västra Götaland has decided to join. This is a large and important step forward for Kommuninvest. When the collaborative effort is strengthened in this way, the conditions for offering members stable and low-cost lending become even better”, says Göran Färm, Chairman of the Board of Kommuninvest Cooperative Society.