Green light for Kommuninvest’s Green Bonds

Kommuninvest today publishes the fifth assurance report regarding the Green Bonds framework. The report, drafted by Kommuninvest’s external auditor KPMG, provides assurance on the management of proceeds obtained from the issuance of Green Bonds.

The Green Bonds framework is aligned with international guidelines, the so-called Green Bond Principles (GBP). There is a recommendation that issuers should use external scrutiny to confirm that the green bonds meet key GBP criteria. This recurring report is an important part of the external review process.

Kommuninvest is Sweden’s largest issuer of Green Bonds. In May, the tenth green transaction was carried out. After that transaction, Kommuninvest has a total of around SEK 37.5 billion outstanding in five Green Bonds, three of which are in SEK and two in USD.

The Green Bonds proceeds are used to finance lending for green investments at the local/regional level. At the end of August, Kommuninvest had granted approximately SEK 70 billion in Green Loans, distributed between over 375 investment projects in more than 150 municipalities and regions.

Kommuninvest Green Bonds Assurance Report 2020


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