Kommuninvest updates its Green Bonds Framework

Kommuninvest has updated its Green Bonds Framework. The last time that the Framework was updated was in January 2018.

The most important changes in the updated version apply to the Green Buildings category. A new reference is made to the revised Swedish Building Regulations, BBR 29, which were introduced in June 2020. The climate requirements for the construction phase that Kommuninvest introduced at the turn of the year regarding new construction projects have as well been added.

The updated version of the Framework also contains a number of clarifications regarding the project categories Renewable energy (subcategory Hydropower) and Energy efficiency in energy systems.

In addition, some adjustments have been made to reflect and complement how Kommuninvest works with green impact reporting.

In a Second Opinion, CICERO rates the updated Framework as a whole as “Medium Green” and the governance procedures as “Excellent”.

A more thorough update of the Framework has already been initiated and is scheduled to continue in the autumn. The intention is that the Framework, taking into account what is possible and reasonable, should be adapted to the new EU Taxonomy. A starting point in this work is to ensure that a Taxonomy adjustment does not become counterproductive, so that it counteracts the purpose of the green financing program.

– There is a lot now going on in the regulatory field which may need to be gradually reflected in the Framework. A Taxonomy adaptation requires extensive analysis and dialogue. At the moment, it is not clear which changes could be deemed relevant, says Björn Bergstrand, Head of Sustainability at Kommuninvest.

Please find attached below the updated Green Bonds Framework and the Second Opinion from CICERO.

Green Bonds Frameworkthe Second Opinion from CICERO




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