Kommuninvest leaves the Uridashi market

Kommuninvest has decided to no longer issue bonds in the Japanese Uridashi market. The decision is part of a continuous effort to optimize the funding strategy.

Kommuninvest has for a long time benefited from the specific opportunities that Uridashi offers. But given the development of the financial markets, there are now clear advantages in concentrating the funding operations to the strategic markets SEK, USD and EUR.

At the end of 2020, Uridashi accounted for 2 percent of Kommuninvest’s funding portfolio.

The majority of Kommuninvest’s engagements in Uridashi is expected to mature in the near future.

– Our mission is to secure stable and cost-effective financing of investments in the Swedish municipal sector. This means that we are constantly striving to improve our funding strategy. The phasing out of Uridashi is a logical step in that direction, says Christian Ragnartz, Head of Debt Management at Kommuninvest.

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