Collaboration for greatest possible membership benefit

Kommuninvest fundamentally believes that its leaders and employees together perform the organisation’s mission and generate benefit for the members. The process of building a strong culture reflecting the Company’s local government values was further developed with the Employee Programme implemented in 2019.

Kommuninvest operates in an ever-changing world that grows increasingly complex. The organisation, its leaders and its employees must have a high capacity for understanding the sector’s current and future needs, as well as a capacity for rapid change to be able to generate the greatest possible benefit and value for customers and members even in the future. To manage developments and enhance its employees’ capacity for self-management, Kommuninvest has implemented a comprehensive initiative in leadership, employee collaboration, communication and culture in the form of an employee programme.

The programme has involved all employees receiving training in modules including:

  • Roles, objectives and contexts
  • Feedback
  • Communication
  • Development of groups
  • Effective meetings

Measurements of the effects conducted in the autumn of 2019 showed good results with increases in all of the areas measured, including employees feeling a strong commitment to their work roles and being capable of a high degree of self-management. More information about the assessment can be found here.

Strategic competence supply

One of the Company’s overall focus areas is to conduct knowledge-oriented operations. The Company works actively with skills supply to develop the expertise of employees and the organisation in line with its operational objectives. Similarly, the Company works in a structured manner to attract, develop and retain employees. Kommuninvest strives to be a continuously learning organisation, able to generate the greatest possible benefit for customers and members. Learning new things and exchanging skills will be one of the Company’s most important challenges in the future and, in the coming years, resources will be devoted to increasing all employees capacity to learn new things, as well as on strategic and operational change management.

Guide and develop the skills of the employees and of the organisation in line with operational objectives and strategies

A sustainable organisation

Kommuninvest maintains a holistic view of what a sustainable organisation should look like. To create a well-functioning and healthy workplace, many different parts must be in place, as illustrated below. For Kommuninvest, maintaining a balance between one’s professional and private life is important, and we impose strict demands on all aspects of sustainability. The Company provides tools, structures and processes that enable employees to assume considerable responsibility for their own sustainability.


Employee survey 2019

The 2019 employee survey gave an ESI (Employee Satisfaction Index) of 74 (73). This is a high result, indicating a good level of satisfaction with a well-functioning workplace. The outcome also indicates that efforts devoted to leadership, employee collaboration and cultural issues have yielded results. These will also be priority areas as we progress into 2020.

The ENPS (Employee-Net-Promoter-Score) rose from 46 to 55, which is classified as a high value with a high proportion of ambassadors and a low proportion of critics.

Kommuninvest applies zero tolerance of all forms of discrimination or harassment and works preventively on these issues. The Company endeavours to integrate equality and diversity into all areas of the Company.

Employee survey

20 March 2019

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NMI 69 69 68 73 74
eNPS 29 42 29 46 55