Sustainable organisation

Having a sustainable organisation is crucial to Kommuninvest living up to its  mission and vision, as well as to the expectations of our stakeholders. Our high level of ambition and the insight that each employee can make a difference are what guide us in this work. Communicative leadership and committed employee collaboration are essential for success.

By sustainable organisation, we mean an organisation characterised by a strong culture and favourable working conditions, with healthy and motivated employees and managers. The organisation stimulates learning on an ongoing basis and has a good ability to adapt to new conditions. The working environment promotes diversity and gender equality, while discrimination does not occur.

Respect for human rights is a basic requirement

The Group shall avoid causing or contributing to a negative impact on human rights in its own operations and address any such impact if it arises. Employees should be able to combine working life and their free time. Kommuninvest shall also maintain a good knowledge of, and compliance with, applicable legislation and labour market agreements. This involves, in particular, discrimination legislation, environmental legislation, legislation regarding public companies and legislation relating to business relations. No form of discrimination is tolerated within the Company. 

An equal workplace

We foster equality, diversity and development and are to be an inclusive (non-discriminatory) workplace. This is emphasised in the Company’s Gender Equality and Diversity Policy to ensure that the Company is an attractive employer for both current and potential employees. At the end of 2019, 41 (45) percent of the total number of employees were women. Of the managers, 29 (36) percent were women and, in the Executive Management Team, the proportion was 43 (43) percent. The decreased proportion of female managers was noted in the year’s staff and health accounts, and the goal is to achieve gender equality among managers within three years.

The ambition is to be able to attract, retain and develop skilled employees, regardless of gender, ethnic background, faith, age, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity. Towards the end of 2019, 17 (12) percent of the Company’s employees came from countries other than Sweden. A total of 12 (10) different countries are represented in the organisation.

Working environment

Our working environment must satisfy physical, social and organisational targets as well as legal requirements, shall be pervaded by clear mandates and instructions and shall offer a balance between responsibilities and authority. Kommuninvest conducts working environment efforts in which measures are implemented at an early stage and preventively.

A close dialogue between employees and managers, as well as structured efforts to analyse key figures and risk indicators, are key aspects in the process of creating an organisation that is sustainable in the long-term. Working environment efforts are conducted in close collaboration with employees and substantial measures were undertaken in 2019 to increase the quality of office lighting and reduce the volume of noise in office landscapes.

The year’s employee survey

Employee surveys are conducted annually, to gauge the working climate and, in a formalised format, ascertain how employees perceive their work situation. The year’s results are compared with earlier measurements to identify how perceptions of the Company vary over time. The 2019 survey shows that Kommuninvest is an equal and non-discriminatory workplace, where employees feel considerable commitment to Kommuninvest’s social mission. The survey gave an ESI (Employee Satisfaction Index) of 74 (73), which is a high result, indicating a favourable degree of satisfaction and a well-functioning workplace. The outcome also indicates that efforts devoted to leadership, employee collaboration and cultural issues have yielded results and these will remain priority areas moving forward.

Sustainable daily life

We are working actively with the health concept Sustainable Daily Life, seeking to promote a healthy lifestyle, with a balance between work, leisure and parenting. Increasing absenteeism due to work-related stress and other psychosocial factors have caused Kommuninvest to initiate ambitious efforts within the framework of Sustainable Daily Life. The concept encompasses the physical and social working environment, training and daily exercise, health-inspiring lectures, stress management, individual coaching and selfhelp programmes. Among other things, all employees are offered individual health and lifestyle reviews on a regular basis. Based on these, employees are given tools to establish a sustainable lifestyle in the areas where the need is perceived to be greatest. This can involve sleep, diet, exercise and lifestyle, as well as work-related concerns.

Focus on self-management

Within the Group, all employees are responsible for their own skills development, in dialogue with their managers and in accordance with the Company’s objectives. Beyond this, skills development is offered at a more general level and in a number of different forms.

In 2018 and 2019, an extensive initiative in leadership, employee collaboration, communication and culture was carried out. The employee programme has been developed to increase Kommuninvest’s capacity to develop in a time pervaded by ever-increasing complexity and rapid change and is described in more detail in the assessment below.

Since 2017, the Company has also run a “Lunch and Learn” concept, offering employees inspirational talks, business intelligence updates and summaries of future trends in connection with a simpler lunch.

All employees participate in compulsory and continuous skills development by means of digital learning platforms. For Kommuninvest, the method has brought high implementation rates and significantly increased knowledge levels following the completion of the courses. Four courses were conducted in 2019: Measures counteracting money laundering and terrorist financing – advanced course; An introduction to GDPR; Insider information and insider crime; and Sustainability training. Most training courses are given once every two years, with new recruits participating in the compulsory courses during their first six months of employment.



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Employee programme for a safe and trustful workplace

In 2019, Kommuninvest’s employee programme was concluded after running for a year with the purpose of: engendering improved conditions for leadership, employee collaboration and communication, providing opportunities for personal development, facilitating self-management, helping employees feel secure, creating platforms for dialogue, feedback and preventive conflict management and increasing the quality of communicative leadership.

An assessment shows that Kommuninvest’s employees feel a strong commitment to their work roles and are capable of a high degree of self-management. Despite major changes recently, there is trust in the organisation and employees feel confident in testing new ideas and solutions. One area in need of improvement is feedback, whether this be giving, receiving or requesting feedback.

One of the themes during the programme was levels of role-taking. With working groups increasingly taking on tasks jointly rather than individually, additional commitment to the development of the Company is generated. On the whole, employees are satisfied with the employee programme, finding it to have contributed to both personal development and increased cooperation.