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Eligible projects & sustainability criteria 

Project categories

Investment projects must fall into one of framework’s eight project categories and meet pre-determined sustainability criteria.

Eligible project categories

  • Production and distribution of renewable energy (such as wind, wave, solar, hydro, geothermal, bioenergy, biogas and excess heat)
  • Energy efficiency in energy systems (such as district heating/cooling, electricity grids/smart grids, energy recovery and storage)
  • Green buildings and energy efficiency
  • Clean transportation (such as trains, underground, trams, buses and infrastructure supporting public transportation and other sustainable transportation)
  • Waste management
  • Water and wastewater management (such as water infrastructure, waste water management, cleaning facilities)
  • Climate change adaptation, measures in buildings, infrastructure and sensitive surroundings
  • Environmental management in areas other than climate change (such as nature conservation, biodiversity measures, sustainable agriculture, improving eco-system services).


Sustainability criteria

All projects must:

Promote the transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient society

Be part of the systematic environmental work in the applicant municipality or county council/region

Be related to Sweden’s national environmental objectives, or to regional environmental goals

Target either mitigation of climate change, adaptation to climate change, or be a project related to environmental management in other areas than climate change

Additional requirement for Green buildings and energy efficiency:

  1. Residential multi-family buildings: New or existing buildings with at least 15 per cent less energy use per square metre and year than required by applicable regulation (Swedish Building Regulations (BBR 25)).
  2. Non-residential buildings: New or existing buildings with at least 20 per cent less energy use per square metre and year than required by applicable regulation (Swedish Building Regulations (BBR 25)). New buildings are encouraged to also have a minimum certification of either 1) LEED gold, 2) BREEAM very good, 3) Environmental Building (Miljöbyggnad silver), 4) the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, 5) EU Green Building, 6) Feby-12 (Mini-energy building), or other certification of similar ambitions; however this is not a firm requirement.
  3. Major renovations of buildings leading to a reduced energy use per square metre per year of at least 30 per cent or compliance with applicable regulations (Swedish Building Regulations (BBR 25)).
  4. Energy efficiency measures in partial systems of existing buildings leading to at least 30 per cent less energy use.