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Kommuninvest Green Bonds
Environmental Committee

An advisory board established to provide oversight and review & approve loan applications. Its members include climate experts from Sweden’s local government sector.

Green Loan applications from Kommuninvest clients are reviewed and finally approved by an advisory committee comprising Swedish local government climate specialists.

How the committee works
The committee typically meets on a quarterly basis, or more frequently if necessary. The appointing and removal of committee members is a Kommuninvest responsibility. Members who want to leave the committee must announce this two months prior. Meetings are presided by Kommuninvest’s Head of Lending, with the second Kommuninvest member on the committee acting as secretary.

Kommuninvest Green Bonds Environmental Committee

The role of the Kommuninvest Green Bonds Environmental Committee is to:

  • Audit and finally approve Green Loan applications. The decision is taken by consensus vote, with at least two external committee members present at the meeting. If the loan application is from the committee member’s own organization, he or she does not participate in the decision.
  • Serve as an advisory board to Kommuninvest and Kommuninvest borrowers.
  • Review and decide on Green Loan reporting by borrowers.
  • Review and approve Green Loans impact reporting in annual investor report.
  • Participate in the further development of the Kommuninvest Green Bonds framework.

Andreas Hagnell, Senior Advisor Environment and Energy, Swedish Association of Local    Authorities and Regions (SALAR)
Since the year 2000, Andreas is a senior advisor on environment and energy at the department for growth and community development at the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, SALAR. All of Sweden’s municipalities, county councils and regions are members of SALAR, whose mission is to support and help develop its members’ activities. . Andreas has been working for SALAR since 1989 and was previously a Senior advisor on municipal economy matters. He has an M.Sc in Engineering Physics and B.A. in Business administration from Uppsala University.

Susanne Arneborg, Energy Coordinator, Municipality of Borås
Susanne works at the Municipality of Borås as an energy coordinator, focusing on energy and climate issues in the municipality and the municipality-owned companies. Susanne has recently been engaged in developing the municipality’s energy- and climate strategy, which adresses urban planning and energy use. From 1999 to 2013, she was an energy strategist at the Municipality of Ulricehamn. Susanne has an M.Sc in Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark, DTU, focusing on energy and resource efficiency.

Sara Pettersson, Urban Development Officer (with focus on Climate and Environment), City of Gothenburg
Sara works at the Gothenburg City Hall as an urban development officer focusing on the climate and environment. She is the city’s climate and environmental expert in connection with Gothenburg’s green bond issuance. Sara has extensive experience in waste management and circular economy, working in various positions as section head, process manager and project manager for the City of Gothenburg and a neighboring municipality since 2003. Sara has a Master’s degree in Business Economics, focusing on ecological economics, from the Mälardalen University.

Marta Fallgren, Environmental Manager, Uppsala County Council
Marta has been working with environmental management issues at the county council of Uppsala since 2004, initially as project manager and, since 2012, as the council’s environmental manager. Her previous positions have included a role as environmental coordinator and project manager at the county council of Västmanland. Marta has a Master’s degree in Business Economics, focusing on ecological economics, from the Mälardalen University.

Hanna Arneson, Sustainability Manager, Municipality of Örebro
Hanna has been working as a sustainability strategist for the Municipality of Örebro since 2011, responsible for areas encompassing sustainability reporting, regional development of social welfare accounting and sustainability reviews of municipal activities. Her current role entails responsibility for the municipality’s sustainable investment policy and the framework for issuing green bonds. Hanna is also a qualified Trainer for the Transition Network, an award-winning organisation that seeks to support communities in building resilience and reducing CO2 emissions. She was previously a researcher and senior lecturer in public health at the University of Örebro. Hanna has a PhD in Medicine from the University of Linköping and also a Master’s degree in Public Health from the same institution.

Björn Söderlundh, Head of Lending, Kommuninvest
Björn is Head of Lending at Kommuninvest since August 2014. He has extensive experience from local government finance activities, as the CFO and Deputy City Chief Executive at the Municipality of Jönköping from 2007 to 2012. For six years, Björn was also the CFO of the Municipality of Falköping, and he has also served as the CFO for Kinnarps, the workplace solutions company.

Ann Sörman and Daniel Nykvist, Customer Relationship Managers, Kommuninvest
Ann Sörman and Daniel Nykvist (not pictured) have replaced Petra Mangnäs (pictured) as representatives from the lending department in the Committee. The changes took effect in August 2017.