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Green Bonds

Financing climate friendly investments projects undertaken by Swedish local governments.

Invest in Swedish climate solutions through an explicitly guaranteed, triple-A rated fixed income product 

Kommuninvest Green Bonds raise funds from fixed income investors to support lending for investment projects that seek to mitigate climate change or help adapt to it.

All projects financed are located in Sweden, which aims to be one of the world’s first fossil fuel-free welfare nations. The overall goal of Sweden’s environmental policy is to hand over to the next generation a society in which our country’s major environmental challenges have been solved, without increasing negative environmental and health effects outside Sweden.

To a large degree, Sweden’s efforts are led by the local government sector, which accounts for the majority of public sector investments. More than 90 percent of Sweden’s municipalities have set out own environmental targets or adopted national or regional goals.

Kommuninvest Green Bonds are an opportunity to invest in Swedish climate solutions through a triple-A rated fixed income product, explicitly guaranteed by the members of the Kommuninvest Cooperative Society. The triple-A credit quality of the Green Bonds is the same as for any other Kommuninvest bonds, with standard documentation and a 2nd party opinion from Cicero, the climate and environmental research institute. Annually, we publish a Green Bonds Impact Report, highlighting the expected or actual impact of the green investment projects that we finance.

Outstanding volumes

BondIDISINCurrencyMaturityOutstanding (SEK)
G2509XS2530407340SEK2025-09-013 500 000 000
G2606XS2351401109SEK2026-06-1014 000 000 000
G2711XS2259127269SEK2027-11-267 000 000 000
G2905XS2402061530SEK2029-05-165 000 000 000
G3106XS2843736344SEK2031-06-184 500 000 000
Total29 500 000 000
BondIDISINCurrencyMaturityOutstanding (USD)
G2406XS2311395169USD2024-06-20 1 000 000 000
G2809XS2725836097USD2028-09-29500 000 000
Total1 500 000 000
BondIDISINCurrencyMaturityOutstanding (EUR)
G2909XS2462606489EUR2029-09-03500 000 000
G2709XS2830444324EUR2027-09-151 000 000 000
G2712XS2676440048EUR2027-12-08500 000 000
G3005XS2625986836EUR2030-05-23750 000 000
G2703XS2597673263EUR2027-03-15500 000 000
Total3 250 000 000
Date: 14/06/2024

Kommuninvest’s framework adheres to the following principles and guidelines:

  • The Green Bond Principles (June 2018)
  • Green Bonds Harmonized Framework for Impact Reporting (December 2015)
  • Nordic Public Sector Issuers: Position Paper on Green Bonds Impact Reporting (February 2019)

Kommuninvest is a member of the Green Bond Principles since May 2016 and seeks an active role in the development of industry-wide standards and frameworks regarding green bond issuance and reporting.

Funding strategy focusing on benchmark borrowing