Sustainable office and business travel

We want our office environment to be as sustainable as possible. This involves reduced energy consumption, sound choices of materials, reduced impact from traveling and a healthy indoor environment with good working conditions.

Essentially all of Kommuninvest’s operations are conducted from a property in central Örebro, owned by Kommuninvest i Sverige AB. We also lease a small office in Stockholm with three workstations. The account below is based on the head office in Örebro.

Energy consumption
To reduce the environmental impact of heating and electricity consumption, we select green electricity and environmentally friendly heating solutions. Our dishwashers use the eco mode, and our office facilities use motion-activated lighting, etc. To reduce water consumption, we have motion-activated taps and low-flush toilets.

Document handling
We seek to minimise the use of paper, striving towards digital distribution. Effective from the autumn of 2015, loan advice slips, statements and other customer documents are only provided in digital format. Our printers and copiers are pre-set for black and white and double-sided printing.

Food and office supplies
We seek alternatives with a lower environmental impact than traditional products (such as “KRAV” and “Svanen” eco-labelled alternatives), china cups instead of disposable ones, self-produced carbonated beverages instead of bottled water and, when possible, we purchase Fairtrade-labelled products.

Healthy workplace environment
In 2011-2012 our offices underwent extensive interior refurbishment to meet the modern requirements of a functional, eco-efficient and healthy workplace. Among other things, we installed motion detectors for ceiling lighting, motion-activated faucets in restrooms and digital booking system for meeting rooms.

Waste and recycling
We sort waste at source – including paper, food waste and electronic waste.

Business travel with reduced environmental impact
Due to the fundamental conditions of our operations – with head office in Örebro, customers and members spread throughout Sweden, and global banking and investor relations – Kommuninvest has a greater environmental impact from business travel than service companies of a similar size. The scope of our international contacts entails a significant component of air travel. Where possible, we endeavour to use teleconferencing and other technological solutions to reduce travel.

Kommuninvest’s travel policy advocates rail travel as the principal alternative between locations with good connections. We should primarily use public transport where possible. For shorter errands within Örebro, employees are offered the opportunity to borrow a bicycle.