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Preparing the public sector for the future


Against the background of knowledge as an ever more important strategic resource in the current environment and the demographic developments, which will soon lead to a shortage of expertise respectively knowledge, retirement calls for more careful consideration. Voluntary turnovers through retirement can lead to serious damages of a municipality´s knowledge stock. Thus it is important to proactively reduce the danger of knowledge attrition, particularly in those sectors that are highly dependent on expert knowledge. The study aims at gaining a better understanding of how municipalities respectively their actors cope with the aspects of knowledge management and succession planning. According to this aim, the following central research question is formulated: How do the individuals in charge manage the danger of knowledge attrition due to demographic developments? The study hopes to provide novel insights into the aspects of knowledge management and succession planning in the public sector.

Stipendiater: Susanne Durst

Institution: Högskolan i Skövde

Stipendiesumma: 250 000 kr

Ansökan: Preparing the public sector for the future: The critical link between succession planning and knowledge management

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