Kommuninvest launches K2505, a new bond in its Swedish Benchmark Programme

Kommuninvest will shortly, and market conditions permitting, issue a new bond under its Swedish Benchmark Programme. The bond, labelled K2505, will mature on 12 May 2025. Kommuninvest targets benchmark status for K2505, equivalent to SEK 3 billion outstanding on the first day of trading. Final terms are to be established shortly.

Kommuninvest currently accounts for approximately 50 percent of the total external borrowings of Swedish local governments, with a substantial part of its funding undertaken in its Swedish Benchmark Programme. The current outstanding volume in the programme is SEK 166 billion in eight bonds.

– Our focus is on maintaining and developing the Swedish Benchmark Programme in tune with the local government sector’s borrowing needs. Given the recent maturity of the K1806 and our customers’ increased demand for longer-dated funding, it is a natural step to extend the curve with a 7-year bond, says Pelle Ekestubbe, Senior Portfolio Manager at Kommuninvest.

Kommuninvest’s current long-term funding forecast for 2018 is SEK 85-100 billion. An updated forecast will be published in the near future.

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