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Euro Benchmark Programme

Kommuninvest has during 2019 decided that the EUR, SEK and USD benchmark bond markets constitute strategic funding markets, both for traditional funding activities and so-called sustainable funding, for example Green Bonds. The decision means that EUR is added as a strategic funding currency. A strategic funding market is defined as one where the company intends to be a frequent issuer and have a long-term presence.

Outstanding volumes

ISINMaturityCouponOustanding volume (EUR)
XS25976732632027-03-153,375%500 000 000
XS26764400482027-12-083,125%500 000 000
XS24626064892029-09-010,875%500 000 000
XS26259868362030-05-232,875%500 000 000
Total2 000 000 000
Date: 31/08/2023

Funding strategy focusing on benchmark borrowing