Social Sustainability Loans

A new tool for promoting sustainability

In collaboration with a municipal reference group, we are developing a new product – Social Sustainability Loans. These loans are to be used by municipalities and regions, including their companies, to promote investments for a socially sustainable society.

The development process is now in a pilot phase. Based on basic documentation, which establishes a framework and relevant procedures, a number of customers are given the opportunity to apply for Social Sustainability Loans. The first loans have been granted from October onwards.

If the pilot phase delivers good results, the ambition is for Social Sustainability Loans to be made available to all members of Kommuninvest, i e almost all Swedish municipalities and regions, during Q1 2021. At a later stage, provided that loan demand is high enough, the intention is to issue a first Social Bond to Kommuninvest’s investors.


Björn Bergstrand
Head of Sustainability
+46 10 470 87 31

Tobias Landström
Deputy Head of Debt Management
+46 10 470 87 59