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Social Sustainability Loans

A new tool for promoting sustainability

Following a successful pilot phase of around six months, we have launched Social Sustainability Loans to all members. The new loan product is now available to 294 municipalities and regions across the country.

This is an innovative loan product which offers many opportunities. It was made for municipalities and regions, including their companies, that aim to strengthen and make visible their work for social sustainability. The loans shall finance investments that, as such or in the context of broader social initiatives, can contribute to achieving social objectives.

Good examples

This loan product was initially developed in collaboration with a reference group from the municipal sector.

During the pilot phase, five customers/members have been granted loans for a total of approx. SEK 525 million: Botkyrkabyggen, AB Eidar Trollhättans bostadsbolag, Botkyrka municipality, Uppsala municipality/Uppsalahem and Ånge municipality/ÅFA. These customers have played important roles in the development process and are now good examples of social investments of various types.

This is how it works

Regarding the core requirements, Social Sustainability Loans may be granted for eligible projects that:

1) promote a socially sustainable society through the development of practices, innovation and/or increased quality in terms of the physical investment, the social intervention or the target population;

2) are part of the borrower’s systematic work for social sustainability or contributes to the development of such work;

3) refer to a defined target population;

4) are long-term;

5) have clear objectives and include systematic assessments of the results.

Loans can be granted for investments in three categories: housing and residential environments / safety, security and accessibility / as well as health, education, sports and culture.

The rules for Social Sustainability Loans are set out in the Social Bonds Framework. This framework has been verified in a second-party opinion from the independent analysis firm Sustainalytics. For those who would like to proceed with an application, there is a special instruction and a specific application form.

Loan applications are reviewed and approved by the Committee on Social Sustainability. This committee includes eight experts with qualified and multifaceted knowledge in the social field, in research and innovation as well as operational development work.

Social Bonds

Our intention is to, further down the road, issue a first Social Bond. However, this will not happen until the total loan volume is large enough. The principle, just as for the Green Bonds, is that the funds from investors shall finance existing investment projects.

To enable investors and other interested parties to monitor developments, we will annually publish an allocation and impact report (Social Bonds Report) with information on what social results the eligible investment projects have contributed to or are expected to contribute to. The Social Bonds Report will include both allocation and impact reporting.


Björn Bergstrand
Head of Sustainability
+46 10 470 87 31

Tobias Landström
Deputy Head of Debt Management
+46 10 470 87 59