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Investor presentation

Diversified exposure to the Swedish local government sector AAA/Aaa, LCR Level 1, zero risk weight

  • Explicit, irrevocable, unlimited, joint and several guarantee from owners. Local governments have constitutional right to levy income tax on citizens.
  • Investors can make a claim on any, or all, of the guarantors without a court order.
  • BIS 0% risk-weighting. LCR Level 1 in the EU, Switzerland, UK, Singapore and US*.
  • Regulated by Swedish FSA. Securities issued by Kommuninvest equal to government risk.
  • Monetary policy counterparty to the Riksbank and member of its clearing and payment system RIX.
  • Eligible as collateral with NasdaqOMX.
  • Eligible as collateral with a large number of central banks, including the Federal Reserve.
  • SLGs cannot be declared bankrupt

* Regarding US LCR Kommuninvest considers itself at same level as sovereign issuers, and eligible as Level 1 at investor discretion. Effective from 1 January 2015.