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Funding strategy, programmes and statistics

Forecast 2024


SEK Billion

Forecast dated 12 April 2024

Funding operations

Kommuninvest’s mission is to provide members with cost-efficient and stable funding. To be able to offer our customers attractive financing terms, stringent requirements are imposed on how we conduct our funding activities:

  • Clear funding strategy with a focus on benchmark borrowing.
  • Conservative liquidity reserve consisting of high-quality liquid assets.
  • Good match between assets and liabilities.
  • Clear ambition to increase communication with the market through transparency and predictability in our funding.

In our long-term funding, we have a focus on benchmark funding in SEK and USD, including green funding. In 2019, we decided that EUR was to be included as a strategic market.

The short funding is primarily used to finance the liquidity reserve and collateral flows.

Factors that govern our funding activities:

  • Demand from our members
  • Maturing profile of asset and liabilities
  • Funding terms in our strategic markets

Funding History 2017-2021

Long Term Funding – Yearly Distribution by Currencies

2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
SEK 60 51 65 57 59
USD 36 48 35 37 36
Other 5 1 0 6 5