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We contribute to Sweden’s development

We are stronger together

The local government sector needs secure and inexpensive access to capital. The financing required for society to function in many cases comes from Kommuninvest. This municipal collaboration has been developed over more than 35 years. Kommuninvest is today the largest lender to the local government sector and an important engine in the development of welfare.

295 municipalities and regions

are members of Kommuninvest

Benefits from cooperation:

  • Better loan terms
  • Access to capital from all over the world
  • Collaboration for a more sustainable society

We are governed by our members

Kommuninvest is a democratic organisation which is owned and goverened by its members through a cooperative society. For more than 35 years, we have created value for our members. We are still growing. Currently, 96 percent of Sweden’s municipalities and regions are members of Kommuninvest.


In 1986, ten municipalities and the County Council in the County of Örebro decided to cooperate in the credit market by starting a joint company.


We finance the development of Sweden’s local and regional sectors, as well as investments for a sound and sustainable society.


Kommuninvest consists of two parts: the limited liability company, which provides credit and financial advice, and cooperative society, which owns the company.