Our vision

Kommuninvest shall be the world’s best organisation for local government financial administration. We finance the development of Sweden’s local and regional sectors, as well as investments for a sound and sustainable society

The idea behind Kommuninvest

Kommuninvest first saw the light of day in the 1980s when, despite having strong credit ratings, many municipalities had to pay dearly for their loans. These circumstances gave rise to notions of local government financial cooperation. By joining forces, there was scope for better loan terms than if each authority acted on its own.

Voluntary collaboration forms the foundation of our business, and through this collaboration we have succeeded in achieving far more than simply favourable loans to our members. With Kommuninvest, individual municipalities and county councils/regions also gained access to a new source of funds. If one source was to suddenly run into difficulty, an alternative now existed. The fact that members can always rely on Kommuninvest to provide credit is one of the greatest benefits of the operations.

Kommuninvest’s high creditworthiness builds on the fundamental creditworthiness of the Swedish municipal sector and the fact that all members have undertaken to jointly and severally accept liability for Kommuninvest’s obligations. However, there have never been any such credit losses in the operations since Kommuninvest’s inception. Consequently, Kommuninvest is the only company in Sweden that has the highest credit rating from the internationally recognised credit rating agencies Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.

Today, Kommuninvest accounts for more than 40 percent of the Swedish local government sector’s borrowing. Kommuninvest’s operations result in strong competition that provides the sector with inexpensive financing.

Our strong development is proof that the concept works and the 2008/2009 financial crisis demonstrated the benefits of the cooperation even more clearly. Many other countries, such as the UK, France, Canada and New Zealand have already started, or plan to start, similar operations with Kommuninvest as their model.

Our history

How we became the largest lender to the Swedish local government sector.