Kommuninvest issues 7-year SEK bond

In the near future Kommuninvest plans to, subject to market conditions, issue a 7-year bond under the Swedish Benchmark Programme. The first possible date of issuance is 24 March.

The bond will be denoted K2805 and will mature on 2028-05-12. The ambition is to reach benchmark status, equivalent to SEK 3 billion in outstanding volume, on the first day of trading.

The Swedish Benchmark Programme accounts for a significant share of Kommuninvest’s funding and has an outstanding volume of approx. SEK 273 billion before the planned issue.

– The krona programme is a cornerstone of Kommuninvest’s funding and we continue the long-term work of gradually developing it. A new bond with a slightly longer maturity is in line with the established funding strategy and customer demand, says Christian Ragnartz, Head of Debt Management at Kommuninvest.

As a consequence, the auction in the Swedish Benchmark Programme planned for 24 March will be canceled.


For further information

Christian Ragnartz
Head of Debt Management
tel: +46 706 07 38 34
e-mail: christian.ragnartz@kommuninvest.se

David Ljung
Head of Communications
tel: +46 73 068 45 45
e-mail: david.ljung@kommuninvest.se