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Region Västernorrland joins as a new member of Kommuninvest

Kommuninvest welcomes Region Västernorrland as a new member. This means that Kommuninvest Cooperative Society now has 295 members: 280 municipalities and 15 regions.

Region Västernorrland’s membership in Kommuninvest is strongly linked to the region’s previously decided investment in the renovation and extension of the Regional Forensic Psychiatric Clinic in Sundsvall. Membership in Kommuninvest gives the region access to an additional source of financing, which will reduce borrowing costs in the long term.

– Membership in Kommuninvest ensures our need for a stable and long-term partnership for the region’s financing needs, both short and long term. There is a broad political consensus on our decision on membership thanks to the positive experiences and the relationship that has existed for a long time between the region’s municipalities and Kommuninvest, says Glenn Nordlund, Chairman of the County Administrative Board of Region Västernorrland.

– As a result of our membership, we will have several added values from the expertise and experience that Kommuninvest has. In addition, access to Kommuninvest’s various services and tools will support us in administration and decision-making regarding our external financing, which is extremely important for a small region like us, says Dick Rytterdahl, CFO of Region Västernorrland.

– It is very positive that Region Västernorrland has chosen to join us. Each new member makes us even stronger when it comes to being able to offer stable and cost-effective financing of investments in the local government sector, says Linda Frohm, Chairman of the Board of Kommuninvest Cooperative Society.