Important role in Sweden’s development

Sweden’s municipalities and regions need secure access to capital to be able to make investments for the future. These may involve new housing, recreational facilities, schools, homes for the elderly or hospitals. In many cases, the financing of these investments – which are needed to ensure that society functions – comes from Kommuninvest.

We are a voluntary membership organisation, owned by a large number of Swedish local government authorities. Together we generate better loan terms than we could each accomplish independently.

A lot of money to be saved

Kommuninvest is the largest lender to the Swedish local government sector. Since the outset in 1986, members have together lowered their borrowing costs to the tune of billions of kronor. It has been possible to use the money saved by the municipalities, regions and their companies for local welfare.

Investment needs are expected to increase

The local government sector’s borrowing needs have increased in recent years and seem set to continue growing in the future. According to our calculations, major investments are expected to be necessary in, for example, the maintenance and building of housing and hospitals. Kommuninvest plays an important role here by ensuring stable and advantageous financing. The capital that Kommuninvest raises centrally from domestic and international capital markets is subsequently loaned – as cheaply as possible – to municipalities and regions that are members of Kommuninvest, enabling further investment to be made to meet the challenges of the future.

Cooperation without vested profit interest provides opportunities

By turning to Kommuninvest, our members obtain secure and competitive loans and efficient tools for their debt management. Kommuninvest has no vested interest in generating profit. Instead, we seek to offer members the best long-term conditions. This benefits society as a whole.

Kommuninvest shall be the world’s best organisation for local government financial administration