Knowledge hub

As the only Swedish credit institution with only local government entities as our customers, we have accumulated a unique knowledge of the financing of municipalities, regions and their companies. Our members have different prerequisites when it comes to managing their debt portfolios and planning for the future. Consequently, knowledge transfer and sharing of knowledge are a central part of our business. Our account managers can answer questions and provide recommendations, but they can also help review a member’s debt management.

Education, research and collaboration on debt management issues

Over the years, the local government sector’s collaboration through Kommuninvest has evolved into something that is much more than a credit institution. Today, we are a knowledge hub in the local government sector and an important interface between the state, municipalities, regions, academia and the financial sector.

This manifests itself in Kommuninvest:

  • Representing municipalities and regions as the organisation to which they refer on issues of financing and debt management.
  • Financing and coordinating research on local government finance.
  • Providing advice to members on issues of financing.
  • Organising courses and seminars on financial matters for officials and politicians.
  • Promoting collaboration within the local government sector.

Kommuninvest shall be the world’s best organisation for local government financial administration