A secure alternative for investors

Investing in bonds or other securities issued by Kommuninvest is an attractive option for Swedish and international investors seeking investments that generate a highly secure return.

A number of factors contribute to Swedish municipalities and regions representing, through Kommuninvest, a highly reliable and credible player in the financial market:

  • Highest possible credit rating (Aaa/AAA). Few credit institutions in the world offer as highly rated securities as Kommuninvest.
  • Joint and several guarantee. When a municipality or region becomes a member of Kommuninvest, it undertakes at the same time to be jointly and severally liable for Kommuninvest’s payment obligations in the event that Kommuninvest should ever fail to fulfil these.
  • Owners who can never be declared bankrupt or cease to exist. By law, Swedish municipalities and regions can never cease to exist other than by merging.
  • Owners entitled to levy taxes. Municipalities and regions in Sweden have a constitutional right to charge taxes to finance their operations. The tax system, combined with stringent demands on a balanced economy, provides the local government sector with good income opportunities and secure finances.
  • Lowest possible risk weighting. From the perspective of risk, securities issued by Kommuninvest are treated as equivalent to securities issued by the Swedish state.
  • Established and recognised player. Kommuninvest is monitored continuously by Finansinspektionen (the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority) and is also an approved monetary counterparty to the Riksbank and a member of its RIX payment system.

Kommuninvest shall be the world’s best organisation for local government financial administration