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Sustainable financing

We run programmes in both green and social financing.

Fast growth in sustainable financing

Kommuninvest’s business within sustainable financing has for some years now been growing at a fast pace. Since the launch of Social Sustainability Loans in 2021, we are very active in the green and social segments of the market.

Green loans and bonds

Our customers are able to sign Green Loan agreements – environmentally certified loans for investment projects with a positive impact for the climate and environment. By assisting the Swedish local government sector in the transition towards a more sustainable society, we contribute actively to achieving Sweden’s environmental objectives.

Our Green Bonds raise funds from fixed income investors to support lending for investment projects that seek to mitigate climate change or help adapt to it. We are the largest issuer of green bonds in Sweden.

Social Sustainability Loans

Following a successful pilot phase, Social Sustainability Loans were launched to all members in 2021.

This is an innovative loan product which offers many opportunities. It was made for municipalities and regions, including their companies, that aim to strengthen and make visible their work for social sustainability. The loans shall finance investments that, as such or in the context of broader social initiatives, can contribute to achieving social objectives.

Our intention is to, further down the road, issue a first Social Bond. However, this will not happen until the total loan volume is large enough. The principle, just as for the Green Bonds, is that the funds from investors shall finance existing investment projects.