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Sustainable employee commitment

Our success rests on committed employees, good leadership and values that are fully integrated into our day-to-day operations.

Our business is about people

We are committed to our employees perceiving Kommuninvest as an inclusive, stimulating and engaging workplace. Most of our employees have university degrees and many have continued their training following graduation.

Employee survey
We place great importance on how we are perceived by our employees. At least bi-annually, we carry out an employee survey. The results are presented in the form of an employee satisfaction index (ESI).

Independent employee responsibility 
We believe that employees should assume responsibility for their own development and for their area of the operations. All employees are to have an annual dialogue with their managers to set individual targets and to formulate a development plan in accordance with the objectives and competence needs of the operations. This dialogue is followed up several times a year.

To increase employees’ knowledge and competence, both employees and managers are offered different forms of tailored development and training. In addition to compulsory training programmes required for everyone within the company, shorter or longer specialisation and leadership courses are offered for a number of employees.

Equality and diversity 
Kommuninvest’s personnel policy emphasizes the importance of equality and diversity in the organisation. The ambition is to be able to attract, retain and develop skilled employees, regardless of gender, ethnic background, religion or faith, age, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity.

Code of Conduct
Among other things, the ethical guidelines that we have developed for our employees address questions of safety, transparency, representation, diversity, discrimination, corruption, bribery, drugs, integrity, privacy and relationships.

Remuneration principles
We are to conduct our operations based on values inherent in local government administration. Remunerations shall provide the platform conditions on which to attract, retain and motivate employees so that operations can be conducted in an optimal manner. Remunerations and other terms of employment should be in line with the market and should consist solely of fixed wages. No variable remunerations are paid.

Sustainability training
We offer employees a web-based course on sustainability management, including subsequent testing. Participating in the course is mandatory for all employees.