Social responsibility

Social commitment with an emphasis on research and local interaction.

We seek to engage ourselves in the development of society through local interaction and by developing and disseminating new knowledge.

Local collaboration

We support operations that develop education, culture and inclusion, and seek partners with a pronounced social commitment. We have, for example, initiated homework assistance and tutoring for young people aged 16–18 at the Tegelbruket activity centre in Örebro, creative activities for young people through the OpenART art initiative, horse riding for the disabled at Örebro Fältrittklubb, and soccer for people with functional impairment together with Karlslunds United.

Our efforts are concentrated in Örebro where we have more than 95 percent of our employees. The objective is to improve our opportunities for recruitment, strengthening our presence in the community and reinforcing our employees’ perception of Kommuninvest as an employer.

Cooperation with academia

In various ways, Kommuninvest supports research on the local government sector’s financial conditions and challenges.

Kommuninvest collaborates with Örebro University, including through financial support for two graduate students. The core of the collaboration is the LOGFIN research project (Local Government Finance Data Analysis). The project promotes research on Swedish local government debt management and financial conditions and is funded in part by the VINNOVA research agency.

Proprietary research

Alongside the externally funded research, Kommuninvest also performs its own studies. Within the framework of our continuous monitoring of local government economic development, reports are published annually.

The report Local government debt analyses trends in local government debt and the driving forces behind these: what groups of local government authorities are borrowing most, where is borrowing increasing fastest, which local government authorities amortise their loans, etc.
The report also analyses trends in local government investments: what is being invested in, which municipalities are investing most, current trends, etc.